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The future of 🏀

Just like language, culture, and overall knowledge; everything evolves. Were emojis used in classical language? Sure ask the Egyptians who were the emoji OGs but it has evolved to the point where a picture is widely recognized and meaning the same thing to even larger sums of people. Whoa. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. What does this mean for a global pastime like good ole baloncesto AKA Basketball? Well it could mean designers and brands pushing the envelop off the wooden table and onto the glass-encased touchscreen desktop. I know there will be those that accept the change early and adopt these new silhouettes in their ever-updating wardrobe. And there will be those on the other side of the fence clutching their leather basketball shoes screaming blasphemy at the top of their lungs. I implore all to consider; at one point Tinker and Jordan were the pioneers of the basketball kick game and left a lot of people clutching at the same logic. Are 4D printed midsoles the tech needed to cover all necessary attributes for a game-changing basketball shoe? Maybe. Maybe not.  Before you condemn or commend: Try them on. So you can say, with experience, why they’re great or why they suck. Either way, you help the growth of the game.

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